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[FP-SA-34] Prevention of Blindness
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Apr 05 (Sat)
10:30 - 12:00
Room 1 - Tokyo International Forum Hall A
World Forum for Sight
Chair)Henry Nkumbe、Chair)Rajiv Khandekar


Duration 5min, Q&A 3min

Strengthening Community Comprehensive Eye Care Services in Tribal Dominated, North East India

Simanta Saikia
Simanta Saikia Valensha Surong Amarendra Deka

As Vision 2020 envisages comprehensive eye care outreach programs and community participation, the program currently running, demands that outreach programs be strenthened.The pilot project aims to determine the success of involving community volunteers like teachers, CBR workers,village headmen etc as a link between eye care providers and the community in initiating screening programs in order to strengthening comprehensive community outreach programs.

Project was undertaken in the state of Meghalaya,in North East India,Link peoplewere Community leaders, Teachers & CBR Workers,who were provided Ophthalmic kit, ready referral book, Educative posters and taught about Health education,training for checking vision
and teaching basics of eye diseases (When to refer). And they were regularlyinvited to attend public seminars ands there was use of Mass Media,

The project was done in the state of Meghalaya ,North East India . CBR workers from the districts,youth volunteers, school teachers, and village headmen came together for a one-day training in an eye center where they were taught common eye diseases and vision screening.They then were provided with basic screening kits and sent for screening door to door , schools, and community gatheringsin predetermined geographical demarcated villages and to refer those with various eye problems to a particular screening venue on a specified date where an ophthalmic team , offered further screening,treating and disbursing glass prescription,screening for glaucoma,diabetes and referring those needing further treatment to the eye center for further management.

Results and Conclusion
There is a change in trends in screening. There has been a four fold increase in the number of screening participants.There have also been more various eye problems detected,i.e cataract,refractive error,glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy, as compared to the earlier results.
Conclusion Comprehensive outreach programs can further be strengthened by community participation.This project promises successful screening programs by making a link between eye care providers and community leaders,CBR workers,youth volunteers etc in taking the responsibility and ownership of the program and additionally conducting follow-ups of the cases and sustainability of the program.

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