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[FP-SA-34] Prevention of Blindness
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Apr 05 (Sat)
10:30 - 12:00
Room 1 - Tokyo International Forum Hall A
World Forum for Sight
Chair)Henry Nkumbe、Chair)Rajiv Khandekar


Duration 5min, Q&A 3min

AMA Foundation- Giving Back Through Eye Care

Aisha Yusuf-Mamman
Aisha Yusuf-Mamman Amina Hassan Murtala Umar

AMA foundation is a Nigerian based NGDO with mandate of eliminating avoidable blindness among the under privileged in line with Vision 2020- The Right to Sight.

Patients of all age group, Visual acuity chart, refraction box, direct ophthalmoscope, examination loop, auto-refractor, A scan ultrasound machine, operating microscope.

Mobile outreaches were carried out in three rural communities in north-west, and north central Nigeria between the months of January through June 2013. The team comprised of 2 ophthalmlolgists, 4 ophthalmic nurses, supporting staffers and community mobilizers. Ophthalmic and systemic history of all persons that voluntarily turned up was recorded into proforma. The clinical evaluation conducted included VA assessment, anterior and posterior segment examination. Medical, surgical and optical services were offered as required. All adults with operable cataract underwent SICS and were assessed 24 hours and four weeks after surgery. Children with cataract were sponsored for surgery in the nearest tertiary hospital.

Results and Conclusion
A total of 1123 persons were screened, 452 female (40.2%) and 230 (26%) children 16 years and below. Allergic conjunctivitis was the most common diagnosis in 31.1% (350) persons screened mainly below 40 years. This was closely followed by cataract seen in 305 (27%) of persons seen predominantly among people older than 40 years, bilateral in 68 of them and 28 aphakic eyes from couching.Presbyopic spectacles were dispensed to 115 (10.2%) in need. One hundred and fifty three adults underwent SICS all presenting with available VA of less than 6/60. Of the 97 (62%) of operated persons that were examined four weeks postop, 55 (56.7%) and 33 (34%) had improved presenting VA of good and moderate vision respectively.The major challenges identified were poor patient follow-ups, resource constraint and need to increases access to cataract surgical service in hard to reach areas.

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