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[FP-TH-14] The Lacrimal System
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Apr 03 (Thu)
10:30 - 12:00
Room 14 - Tokyo International Forum 4F G405
Oculoplastics, Lacrimal System and Orbit
Chair)Vinod Gauba、Chair)Minoru Furuta


Duration 5min, Q&A 3min

Naso-Lacrimal Duct Dilatation with a New Naso-Lacrimal Inflating System OPHTACAT FCI France for Epiphora

Michel Tazartes
Michel Tazartes

We present a prospective study concerning the naso-lacrimal duct dilatation with a new naso-lacrimal inflating system - OPHTACAT FCI France - indicated for patients with epiphora and partial stenosis of the naso-lacrimal duct.

A total of 10 patients - 15 eyes - with epiphora including 12 females and 3 males with an age range of 45-70 were included in our study in June 2013. They have all a partial permeability of the lacrimal duct after irrigation. All patients have no ectropion and no lacrimal punctum stenosis. A dacryo scan was performed in order to evaluate the naso-lacrimal duct mucosa pathology. A global or a segmentary stenosis was present in all cases but no complete obstruction.

A therapeutic dilatation of the lacrimal duct is performed under local anesthesia with the new probe Ophtacat able to be inflated with water. Pression in the system was delivered in two sessions of 4 minutes : One at 8 bars and the other at 10 bars. This procedure is performed first in the lower part of the naso-lacrimal duct and the second higher close to the sac.

Results and Conclusion
All patients were reviewed the day after the procedure. No patients had any epiphora. The next evaluations are planned one month, three months and six months after the dilatation . A dacryo scan is planned 3 months after the procedure. This prospective study will be able to know the quality of the procedure between june 2013 and March 2014. The evaluated findings will be mostly the epiphora : no epiphora, partial recurrence, total recurrence of the epiphora, and the quality of the remaining naso-lacrimal dilatation looking at the results of the dacryoscan. This technique of dilatation is a new technique to treat the partial stenosis of the naso-lacrimal duct. This first prospective study will be able to give us informations concerning the durability and the anatomical long term benefits. Further studies will tell us if this technique is more efficient than the silicone bicanaliculo-nasal intubation.

[ Keyword ]
epiphora, naso-lacrimal duct , stenosis, dilatation, Ophtacat

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