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E-poster/E-video Room (Tokyo International Forum G408/G505, Imperial Hotel 2F Hana)
External Eye Disease, Cornea, Eye Banking


Triple Procedure in Patients with Zonulolyses or Aphakic Patients: A Simple Way for Visual Rehabilitation

Ramin Khoramnia Gerd Auffarth Florian Kretz

To evaluate the outcome of penetrating keratoplasty (KPL) with retropupillary IOL fixation.

Summary of Content
Functional results were evaluated in 2 patients after they underwent KPL with retropupillary IOL fixation. BCVA [logMAR] increased from 0.8 to 0.7 (patient 1) and from finger counting to 2.0 (patient 2). The steps of surgery are presented in the video. Retropupillary IOL fixation eliminates the necessity for scleral suturing.
KPL with retropupillary IOL fixation is a promising procedure for eyes with corneal scars and without capsular support. As visual function was limited due to preexisting retinal diseases, further studies will be needed to evaluate the refractive outcome in detail.

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keratoplasty / IOL / aphakia / zonulolysis

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