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E-poster/E-video Room (Tokyo International Forum G408/G505, Imperial Hotel 2F Hana)


Easy Phaco - Conquering New Heights

Suhas Haldipurkar Vijay Shetty Rahul Achlerkar

To present an advanced phaco technique

Summary of Content
Present day phaco techniques has only one thing in common with the first phaco procedure shown by Dr. Kelman in 1967, and that is the concept. Everything else has changed beyond recognition. This film highlights one more mile stone in the evolution of phaco technique where in a simple change in the design of tip has made a remarkable change in the performance and results. Easy Tip technology utilizes a simple concept of enhanced infusion and restricted out flow with a bulbous tip end and utilization of higher fluidics to achieve remarkable performance. This film shows how this technology performs in all grades of cataracts with unbelievable chamber stability, minimal turbulence and efficient energy utilization. The eye stays consistent quiet with clear cornea on day one and endothelial cell loss at one month is marginally less than most of the available technologies.

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