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A Simple Method to Shorten the Unfolding Time of Pre-Hydrated Hydrophobic Intraocular Lens

Youngsub Eom Jay Won Rhim Su-Yeon Kang Jong-Suk Song Hyo Myung Kim

To evaluate the effect of warm ophthalmic viscosurgical devices (OVDs) on the unfolding time of pre-hydrated hydrophobic acrylic intraocular lenses (IOLs).

Summary of Content
The unfolding times of the three foldable hydrophobic acrylic IOLs (enVista MX60, AcrySof SN60AT, and Tecnis 1 ZCB00) according to temperature were measured in vitro from 32° to 26℃. Unfolding time was defined as the time (seconds) required for the folded IOL to recover 90% or more of its overall optic diameter prior to folding. The methods for increasing the temperature of OVDs were evaluated. The effect of warm OVDs on shortening the unfolding time of the MX60 IOL was verified in human trials.
The unfolding time decreased as temperature increased. The unfolding time of the MX60 (215 ± 25 sec) was significantly longer than that of the SN60AT (28 ± 7 sec) and the ZCB00 (29 ± 7 sec) at a temperature of 26℃ (P=0.013). There were no differences in the unfolding time of three IOLs (23 ± 2 sec for the MX60, 16 ± 5 sec for the SN60AT, and 19 ± 4 sec for the ZCB00) at a temperature of 32℃. The temperature of OVDs immersed in 36℃ normal saline reached 30℃ after 60 sec and reached 30℃ after 105 sec if held in the hand. In human trials, the unfolding time of the MX60 was shorter in a bag filled with 30℃ OVDs (32 ± 13 sec) than if filled with OVDs kept at room temperature (127 ± 27 sec) (P=0.029).
When fast and complete unfolding characteristics are needed, filling the anterior chamber and capsular bag with OVDs warmed to 30℃ before IOL implantation is recommended to shorten the unfolding time of hydrophobic IOLs.

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Ophthalmic viscosurgical devices / Pre-hydrated hydrophobic intraocular lens

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