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Vertical Hole and Chop Technique Phacoemulcification for Hard Cataracts

Keembiyage Dayawansa

Surgeons in developing countries face more hard cataracts and conventional technique phacoemulcification uses more energy and time.

This novel technique describes a way to perform phaco on hard cataract with central hole and vertical chop technique which is safe and save time

Summary of Content
Routine preliminary phacoemulcification steps are followed. Once the capsulorhexis is made phaco probe is used to make a central hole in the nucleus. Now embed the phaco probe at edge of previously made hole and perform vertical chop to make two halves of nucleus. Rotate the nucleus and embed the probe at opposite edge of previoulsy made central hole and repeat vertical chop to complete separation of two halves of nucleus.
Repeat vertical chop on each half of nucleus to make two or three fragments from each half of nucleus and just aspirate the fragments to comlete phacoemulcification.

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Hard cataract / Hole and Chop Technique / phacoemulcification

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