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E-poster/E-video Room (Tokyo International Forum G408/G505, Imperial Hotel 2F Hana)


A Zero Aspiration and Vacuum for Horizontal Chop in Soft Cataract

Nina Handayani T.Budi Sulistya

To demonstrate a technique for removal of soft cataract with horizontal chop using a zero aspiration and vacuum which can be easily adopted for safe and effective removal of soft cataract.

Summary of Content
Many videos are available demonstrating phaco techniques for hard cataract, but the soft cataracts are often the most challenging. Soft cataracts are sometimes more complicated to extract than hard ones because the soft cataracts are difficult to grip and disassemble. Here we discuss a strategy for soft cataracts. After hydrodissection and hydrodelineation to achieve a golden ring we insert the phaco tip and embed it in the soft nucleus. Horizontal chopping of the nucleus is done with pedal position in zero (no irrigation - aspiration, and no vacuum), then we rotate the first heminucleus to a comfortable position and we chop it a second time to create quadrants with the same technique. Afterward, we can remove the material of the lens with the epinucleus setting (vacuum 200 mmHg, aspiration 28 mmHg, Ozil). This technique can be done with the nucleus in the bag or the part of the nucleus tumbled to the anterior chamber.

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horizontal chop, soft cataract, phaco techniques

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