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Topical Anesthesia (TA) Phacoemulsification for All Cataracts: Review of Efficacy Among the Largest Series of Patients in Saudi Arabia

Qahtani Nawaf Irshad Subhan

Purpose: Outcome of Clear Cornea Phacoemulsification (CCP) in 1350 cases irrespective of age and type of cataract under TA.
Method: A retrospective analysis of CCP with Proparacaine 0.5% .

Summary of Content
TA Proparacaine 0.5% was used in all cases. Signature and or Alcon phaco machine was used.
All the surgeries were CCP sutureless with Foldable IOL implantation. The approx duration of each surgery was 11 min to 16 min with a mean of 13.5 min. PC Rent was seen in 3 cases which were managed with the same anesthesia. 3 cases were converted to ECCE under same anesthesia. Sedation was used in 3% of cases. UCVA on the 1st day was 20/25 to 20/50 in normal eyes. The final corrected visual acuity with 0.5 to 0.75 D cyl at the end of 4 weeks was 20/20 to 20/40 in 99%.
 No restrictions were implied on any patients with respect to daily activities immediately after surgery. Ablution and praying (which is mandatory among muslims) was encouraged to be performed as before surgery in all the patients.
We did not come across any complications like wound leak or infection.

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