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[FP-SA-55] Low Vision
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Apr 05 (Sat)
13:30 - 15:00
Room 25 - Imperial Hotel 3F Tsuru
Low Vision and Rehabilitation
Chair)Ger van Rens、Chair)Boshra Elbayoumi


Duration 5min, Q&A 3min

Correlation Between Vision-Related Quality of Life and Scoring of Visual Field

Hiroko Seto
Hiroko Seto Junko Kamo Ryo Harada Yuji Oshima

Visual Field Score (VFS) and Functional Field Score(FFS) are quantification methods for visual field for each eye. Unfortunately, these methods are complicated due to the necessity of counting Goldmann III4/e results with a Colenbrander grid. To simplify scoring the visual field, we have developed Colenbrander grid test (CGT) custom program for Humphrey Field Analyzer (HFA). To exam the effectiveness of CGT, we investigated the correlation between the National Eye Institute Visual Function Questionnaire - 25(NEI VFQ-25) and binocular VFS or FFS measuring with CGT.

Thirty-one patients (18 males, 13 females) with diverse diagnoses (17 glaucoma, 3 retinitis pigmentosa, 3 AMD, 4 diabetic retinopathy, 2 retinal vein occlusion, and 1 chorioretinal atrophy, 1 cerebrovascular disease) were studied.

Study protocol was approved by the ethical committee of Kyushu University and Kofu Kyoritsu hospital. Informed consent was obtained from all patients. VFS score of each eye and binocular VFS scores were obtained from HFA using CGT and FFS was calculated [FFS= (VFSod + VFSos + 3× VFSou)/5]. Vision-related function was measured using NEI VFQ-25. The correlation between FFS or binocular VFS (bVFS) and NEI VFQ-25 score was analyzed.

Results and Conclusion
There was significant positive correlation between mean NEI VFQ-25 score and FFS (r=0.58,P=0.0006) or bVFS (r=0.61,P=0.0002) (Spearman's rank correlation). There was also a significant correlation between each subscale of NEI VFQ-25 score and FFS or bVFS (P<0.0001) except for the subscale of General Vision (FFS; P=0.116, bVFS; P=0.141). There was no significant difference in the coefficient value between bVFS and FFS (P=0.52).
The significant correlation between visual field score measurement with static visual field analyzer and vision-related QOL measured with VFQ-25 indicates that visual field scoring with automatic field analyzer is a useful, reproducible and easy method of effectively assessing visual function.

[ Keyword ]
Visual Field Score (VFS) / Functional Field Score(FFS) / Colenbrander grid test (CGT) / NEI VFQ-25

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