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[FP-SA-55] Low Vision
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Apr 05 (Sat)
13:30 - 15:00
Room 25 - Imperial Hotel 3F Tsuru
Low Vision and Rehabilitation
Chair)Ger van Rens、Chair)Boshra Elbayoumi


Duration 5min, Q&A 3min

The Relation Between Colenbrander Grid Score, Visual Field Score (VFS) ou, Binocular VFS, and FFS

Junko Kamo
Junko Kamo Ryo Harada Hiroko Seto Yuji Oshima

Functional Field Score(FFS) is rather complicated as having the following formula. (VFSod + VFSos + 3 x VFSou)/5. We have developed a custom program called Colenbrander grid test (CGT) (III 10dB) for Humphrey Field Analyzer. We have confirmed the results are very closed to those of taken from Goldmann III4e results. We would like to know if the binocular (b) VFS can be the substitute for FFS.

41 patients (male 24,female17) ,aveg.71±13 years old with informed consent. The diseases are 22 glaucoma, 4 retinitis pigmentosa, 4 age-related macular degeneration, 4 diabetic maculopaty, 2 diabetic retinopathy, 2 branch retinal branch vein occlusion, 2 chorioretinal atrophy, 1 cerebral infarction.

Ethical committee of University of Kyushu and Kofu Kyoritsu hospital approved our study. Informed consent was obtained from the above patients. We studied the relationship between bVFS and VFSou and FFS measured by CGT. For statistics, we used EZR analyzing Spearman rank correlations, Friedman test, and Bonferroni test.

Results and Conclusion
FFS(76±19)was significantly lower than both VFSou(82±19) and bVFS(82±20)
(p<0.001). The correlations are always significant (p<0.001) between VFSou and bVFS (r 0.95), between FFS and bVFS(r 0.93), between FFS and VFSou(r 0.97).
Conclusion: There was no significant difference between bVFS and VFSou. But FFS was always lower because FFS does not ignore the defect of one eye. We could use bVFS if there is not much deference in both eyes. If the weighted program could be installed to automated field analyzer, FFS can be easily calculated.

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Colenbrander Grid Test / Functional Field Score / Visual Field Score ou / binocular Visual Field Score

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