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[FP-SA-53] Diabetic Retinopathy
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Apr 05 (Sat)
15:30 - 17:00
Room 23 - Imperial Hotel 3F Fuji
Retina - Medical
Chair)Ian Pearce、Chair)Masahito Ohji


Duration 5min, Q&A 3min

The Role of Vascular Endothelium Growth Factor on Onset of Retinopathy Associated with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Masahiko Sugimoto
Masahiko Sugimoto Mineo Kondo Tomoaki Ikeda Bela Anand-Apte

Acute progression of diabetic retinopathy (DR) is on occasion associated with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). Herein, we evaluated whether vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), a key molecule in DR progression, affect DR associated with GDM patients. We also evaluated vascular permeability and VEGF expression in the retina using mice GDM model.

After obtaining institutional ethics committee approval, we collected plasma samples from 4 groups (15 from GDM women, 12 from DM women, 10 from normal pregnant women, 10 from normal non-pregnant women). For the DM mice model, we used streptozotocin-induced diabetic mice and established 4 groups (GDM, DM, normal pregnant and normal non-pregnant, n=5 in each group).

Plasma VEGF concentrations in each group were measured using an enzyme-linked immuno sorbent assay. Vascular permeability was evaluated with tail injection of evans blue dye. The expression of VEGF protein in the mice retina was evaluated by western blot analysis using densitometric quantitation of the ratio of VEGF to actin.

Results and Conclusion
The VEGF concentration in human plasma was significantly decreased in the GDM (70.3±169.3 pg/μl) and normal pregnant groups (6.7±4.0 pg/μl) as compared to the DM group (334.2±239.4, non-repeated ANOVA, p<0.05). Vascular permeability was increased in GDM mice (6.03±0.90 μl/g/h) as compared to DM mice (5.31±1.64 μl/g/h) but the difference was not statistically significant (unpaired t-test, p=0.28). VEGF expression in the retina was significantly decreased in GDM mice as compared to the DM mice (0.10±0.05 for GDM and 0.36±0.15 for DM, unpaired t-test, p<0.05).
VEGF is decreased both human plasma and mice retina with GDM. There is a possibility that the role of VEGF in the retinopathy associated with GDM is different from that in conventional DR.

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diabetic retinopathy / gestational diabetes mellitus / vascular endothelium growth factor

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