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[FP-FR-27] Uveitis Diagnosis & Treatment
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Apr 04 (Fri)
13:30 - 15:00
Room 13 - Tokyo International Forum 4F G402
Uveitis, Intraocular Inflammation
Chair)Bahram Bodaghi、Chair)Manabu Mochizuki


Duration 5min, Q&A 3min

Retinal Ganglion Cell Layer Thinning Followed by Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thinning in Patients with Uveitis

Ritsuko Yamada
Ritsuko Yamada Kazuro Yabuki Ryotaro Higuchi Tadayuki Nishide Nobuhisa Mizuki

In the model of experimentally induced ischemic and reperfusion injury, retinal ganglioncells(RGC) expressing the gene AP-1 result apoptosis. The inflammation mediators, such as TNF-α, IL-1β, etc. lead RGC to apoptosis. It's prospected that the thinning of the retinal ganglion cell layer(GCL) followed by that of the optic nerve fiber layer is also observed in various diseases complicated with uveitis which the pathological features appear obliterative vasculitis.
The GCL and optic nerve fiber layer(NFL) thinning in patients with various uveitis were observed by using the optical coherence tomography(OCT) imaging analyses, which have been conducted as routine examinations in patients with glaucoma.

Subjects were 112 eyes of 56 uveitis patients without those with glaucoma. These patients were suffering uveitis complicated with systemic disease, such as Behçet's disease, sarcoidosis, systemic lupus erithematodes, chrone disease, chronic rheumatoid arthritis, sjögren syndrome, polymiositis, and endotoxin-induced uveitis, etc. Thirty three patients with normal tension glaucoma were ready for comparative study. Twenty eight eyes of 14 healthies were used as controls.

Image analyses were conducted with 3D OCT-2000(TOPCON). Thickness of macular ganglion cell layer, distance from GCL to inner plexiform layer, and average thickness values in flame works were analyzed. Cycle scan findings around the optic nerve head were divided 12 sectors, then retinal nerve fiber thickness values in each sectors were compared between those in uveitis and glaucoma, using Mann-Whitney's U test.

Results and Conclusion
The average GCL thickness values in the patients with uveitis were significantly(p:less than 0.0409) thinner than those in healthies. Cycle scan findings of NFL around the optic disc in the patients with uveitis showed significant thinning at especially nasal side.
The retinal ganglion cell layer thinning followed by the retinal nerve fiber thinning in the patients with uveitis were observed, and in some disease it seemed to be progressing even at the clinically inactive stage.

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optical coherence tomography / retinal ganglion cell layer / optic nerve fiber layer / uveitis

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