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Bali is an island in Indonesia. It is one of famous tourist spots in the world and many domestic and international tourists visit the island. Recently, a lot of people with various cultural backgrounds, e.g. foreign sojourners, Muslim people from other Indonesian islands, intercultural married couples and families, are living there. However, Balinese keep the original religion "Bali-Hindu" strongly in daily life und the traditional culture. Therefore, some conflicts exist between modern and traditional cultures in Bali. The purpose of this thematic session is to clarify psychological conflicts in contemporary Bali, for example, conflicts between Balinese and foreign immigrants, conflicts between Balinese children (adolescents) and their mothers, conflicts between Balinese and Muslim, Balinese women's conflicts between their working and private lives, as well as to discuss the solutions of those conflicts from the viewpoints of indigenous psychology.
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