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Posttraumatic growth (PTG), positive psychological changes that are sometimes experienced as a result of highly stressful life events, has been studied for the past two decades. One area that has received increasing attention in recent years is the possibility of implementing psycho-educational intervention programs that aim at fostering PTG in school settings. This symposium will focus on how the concept of PTG can be applied in educational and school settings. Findings about PTG in three countries (Japan, Germany, and the US) will be presented. For instance, based on the survey conducted with school counselors after 3.11 earthquake, the presenter will discuss the relationships between burnout, stress symptoms, compassion fatigue, and PTG. In addition, the effects of implementing a brief psycho-educational intervention program for high school students after 3.11 will be presented. We will then discuss the future directions and clinical applications of PTG, including stress management and psycho-educational program.
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