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The proposed symposium focuses on the impact of values on ways in which individuals perceive and interpret the world. The first presentation (Knafo & Elfenbein) focuses on children's perceptions of emotions of others, and discusses the ways in which values affect these perceptions. Then, Nussinson and Roccas show that tradition values (positively) and stimulation values (negatively) predict the perception of individuals as physically contaminated. The third presentation (Elster & Sagiv) shows that in forming an impression about a job candidate, individuals who emphasize benevolence values are more prone to the Halo-Effect bias. Finally, Arieli, Lee, and Sagiv investigate how espoused organizational values affect the way the organization is perceived by external constituents such as potential investors and employees. The presentations vary in methods (correlational, experimental), participants (children, students, working adults) and culture of origin (USA, Israel, International). Our discussant, Carsten de-Dreu, will offer integrative comments on the four presentations.
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