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The International Project on Competences in Psychology (IPCP) has worked for three years to achieve an international agreement on which core competences shall be included in the "International Declaration on Core Competences in Professional Psychology". The project started with a working conference in July 2013,representation from major international psychology associations, and from national associations. The project has then been discussed at several open meetings held in various sites globally, and been reviewed in three rounds of consultations in a Reference Group consisting of 275 colleagues from all over the world.
A "Final Draft" of the Declaration is forwarded for endorsement to IUPsyS and IAAP, after the last round of hearing during the autumn of 2015.
The possible use and utility of the declaration at national levels will be presented and discussed.
Convener/chair: Sverre L. Nielsen, Norway.
Participants: Buxin Han, China, Moana Waitoki, New Zealand, Germán Gutiérrez, Columbia, Dragos Iliescu, Romania.
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