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Given that Western values are heavily embedded in Western psychology, applying it to address women's issues across the globe have risks of imposing culturally insensitive approaches and reinforcing the systematic dominant and privileged position of Western scholarship. Transnational feminism is a new approach that places importance on the intersections among gender, nationhood, race, ethnicity, sexuality, and economic exploration on a world scale and pays close attention to specific social contests from which women's experience arise (Grabe, 2015). The transnational feminist approach is useful in addressing various women's issues across the global and can ultimately contribute to creating "diversity in harmony" without imposing Western political agenda. In the proposed symposium, psychologists from five countries (Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Ireland, and the U.S.) will introduce various issues women face on a global scale such as violence against women, bicultural parenting, and culture bond syndrome and address these issues from a transnational feminist perspective.
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