Organizational Health Perspective through Psychological Aspects of Human Capital

[Speaker] Kosheleva, Sofia:1
[Co-author] Bordunos, Aleksandra:1
1:Saint Petersburg State University (Russia)

The influence of organizational inclusion climate on individual diversity attitudes and knowledge exchange: The moderating effect of individual employee's minority status

[Speaker] Froese, Fabian J:1
[Co-author] Stoermer, Sebastian:1
1:University of Goettingen (Germany)

Exploring the relationship between servant leadership and public service motivation in Chinese public organizations: A longitudinal design

[Speaker] Bao, Yuanjie:1
[Co-author] Li, Chaoping:1
1:Renmin university of China (China (People's Republic of China))

Adding e-Insults to Other Injuries: Negative Online Reviews as a Burgeoning Source of Work Stress

[Speaker] Bradley, Graham:1
[Co-author] Sparks, Beverley A:1, Weber, Karin:2
1:Griffith University (Australia), 2:Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong)

The central nucleus of social representation of organizational diversity

[Speaker] Rodrigues De Miranda, Onofre:1
[Co-author] Cavasin Zabotto Pulino, Lúcia Helena:2
1:University of Brasilia / Business School Projeção (Brazil), 2:University of Brasilia (Brazil)

Balanced physicians, satisfied patients? Physicians` emotion regulation, well-being and patient satisfaction.

[Speaker] Lampert, Bettina:1
[Co-author] Unterrainer, Christine:1, Glaser, Jürgen:1
1:University of Innsbruck, Institute of Psychology (Austria)

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