Factor Structure and Measurement Invariance of the Chinese Version Need-Supportive Teaching Style Scale for Physical Education

[Speaker] Liu, Jingdong:1
[Co-author] Chung, Pak-kwong:1
1:Hong Kong Baptist University (Hong Kong)

Research on the relationship between professional recognition and job satisfaction of free-tuition normal graduate of Physical Education

[Speaker] Zeng, Zirong:1
[Co-author] Lu, Chang-fen:1
1:P.E. College,Central China Normal University (China (People's Republic of China))

Relationship between Athlete Burnout and Athlete Engagement among Japanese Soccer Players

[Speaker] Kamimura, Akari:1
[Co-author] Kawata, Yujiro:1, Yamada, Kai:2, Suzuki, Minako:1, Hirosawa, Masataka:1
1:Juntendo University (Japan), 2:Hosei University (Japan)

Evaluating socially desirable concepts: differences between questionnaires and observation

[Speaker] Zarotis, Ioannis A:1
1:National & Kapodistrian University of Athens (Greece)

Realistic stimuli show selective effects of motor expertise during a mental body rotation task

[Speaker] Molinaro, Corinne:1
[Co-author] Lejeune, Laure:1, Habacha, Hamdi:1, Molinaro, Marion:1, Midavaine, Vladimir:1
1:University of Caen - Normandie / CESAMS (France)

A difference in coordination of eye-head movements during a jump with half turn between gymnasts and non-gymnasts.

[Speaker] Sato, Yusuke:1
[Co-author] Torii, Shuko:2, Sasaki, Masaharu:3
1:Nihon University (Japan), 2:University of Tokyo (Japan), 3:Hirosaki Gakuin University (Japan)

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