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Today's world has made multiple and complex demands to Psychology,and global indicators show that despite our perceptions,we live in a violent world.Pinker has shown that the world is more peaceful,with decreasing homicidalviolence,but conflict,the cornerstone of social dynamics,is expressed in ever-changing,violent ways.In this direction,this symposium will present several works that show specific contributions of Psychology to peace.The first work by Alzate&Sabucedo will present a set of indicators that allow for an analysis of behaviours related to war andpeace.A second,by Barreto,Borja&López-López will showcase several studies that analyzed the discourses of armed actors,political entities,opinion leaders and massmedia.The third,by Pineda-Marín,Mullet&López-López,will summarize several studies related to forgiveness and justice in the context of the Colombian armed conflict.The symposium will finish with a presentation of a model of working towards peace by López-López,that emphasizes the multiple dimensions of peace and the work with victims,perpetrators,massmedia and society at large,and the types of violence and thepsychological processes involved.
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