≪Organizer Abstract≫
For the purpose of preventing and cross-examining traditional bullying,
cyberbullying, and Internet-related problems, introduction of both in-class
lessons and PC games have been adopted in preventive approaches. In
addition to apps, tablets are recently undergoing developments for the same
purposes. Contrary to the limitations of accessibility related to in-class
education, PC games and apps pose no limitations of accessibility allowing
learners acquire the necessary skills and knowledge independent from
restrictions of space and time. However, the implementation of games and
apps present various obstacles due to the demand for continuous update of
digital devices and the various versions of the OS and its respective
contents. This symposium will open its doors for Korean and Japanese
researchers, who have committed in such developments, to exchange their
expertise and experiences in order to make improvements in the future
developments. Moreover, the method for the evaluation and collaboration of
programs should be discussed.
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