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Worldwide there is growing awareness of the extent of violence, heightened by recent events and media attention, and growing understanding of the seriousness of its individual, family, social, economic, and health impacts, and the need to address it effectively. Various solutions are proposed, with varying evidence for effectiveness.
Violence comes in many forms - individual, family, workplace, physical, emotional, sexual, sporting - and is committed by people of all ages, levels of education, socioeconomic class, occupation, religious or other beliefs. Simplistic explanations and antidotes are unlikely to be effective, however much they appeal to media, governments, and dedicated volunteers.
This symposium involves three presentations, first, an overview of what psychology tells us about the nature, prediction and prevention of violence, second, a review of current practice in the prediction of violence to facilitate its prevention and management, and third, a review of current practice in the context of family violence.
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