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This thematic session is aimed at finding a solution to promote positive development in old age. This session brings together a variety of paths to wonderful aging that will shed light on well-being beyond the limitations related to old age.
Three presentations will discuss research and evidence-based practice on the importance of "gerotranscendence"(a theory that highlights growth, interconnectedness,and wisdom) and show how some intervention programs can support the development of a positive self. A workshop that further strengthens and advances the programs is conducted.

"Development of gerotranscendence: A key concept for the higher well-being in older people", GONDO Y. (Japan)
"On the road to a better life: A goal realization program for depressed older adults", LAPIERRE S. (Canada),
"The intervention of Wonderful Aging: A program to find the meaning of life", KUSAKA N. (Japan)
"Photographic Metacognition workshop: How to visualize the positive aspects of aging", UEDA N. (Japan)
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