Individual and interpersonal motivational attitudes of personnel and attractiveness of organizational culture

[Speaker] Leonova, Anna B:1
[Co-author] Sultanova, Fania R:1
1:Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia)

Emotion regulation at work: its association with personal and work-related traits and abilities, and its influence on well being.

[Speaker] Zammuner, Vanda L:1
1:University (Italy)

Match with supervisor or organization: Linking fit perceptions with performance from interactive perspective

[Speaker] Chen, Chiyin:1
[Co-author] Tang, Ningyu:1, Wang, Yumei:1
1:Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China (People's Republic of China))

Financial Strain and Veteran Health: The Role of Supervisor Support

[Speaker] Perry, Mackenna:1
[Co-author] Hammer, Leslie B:1,3, Crain, Tori L:2, Bodner, Todd:1, Johnson, Ryan C:4, Carlson, Kathleen:3,5
1:Portland State University (United States of America), 2:Colorado State University (United States of America), 3:Oregon Health & Science University (United States of America), 4:Ohio University (United States of America), 5:VA Portland Health Care System (United States of America)

Personality and Job Performance: Test Of The Mediating Effects Of Achievement Motivation and Self Efficacy Among Malaysian Public Administrator Officers

[Speaker] Halim, Fatimah W:1
[Co-author] Zainal, Arifin:2, Mastor, Khairul A:1
1:Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (Malaysia), 2:Open University Malaysia (Malaysia)

Effect of Gratitude on Job Performance in Japanese Organizations

[Speaker] Ikeda, Hiroshi:1
1:Fukuoka University (Japan)

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