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Psychology in Latin America has a long past and a relatively large history. During Colonial times the main psychological ideas came from Christian philosophy especially St. Thomas "faculties of the soul". After independence and the formation of the new republics, European progressive ideas in education, medicine and social philosophy, became predominant. Along the years and important number of Latin American thinkers worked on psychological topics, such as José Ingenieros (in Argentina), Ezequiel Chávez (in México), Manuel Ancízar (in Colombia), Rómulo Peña (in Chile), among others. A critical mass of work in psychology was produced during the XIXth. century and the first half of the XXth. century. Professional training began in 1947 in Chile and Colombia. At the present time psychology is a large science and profession, with research centers. scientific journals, laboratories, training centers, facilities and professional applications. The symposium would attempt to present this current situation and its perspectives
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