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This symposium brings together research from different areas of health behaviour change emphasising the role of good practice characteristics for interventions as well as focusing on both individual regulation and social factors in the context of different health behaviors (phyiscal activity, diet, HIV treatment adherence, and smoking).
The first contribution from Aleksandra Luszczynska opens the symposium with introducing good practice characteristics for the development, evaluation and implementation of interventions for health behaviors. In the second contribution John de Wit will focus on individual self-regulation in the context of HIV treatment adherence. In the last two presentations by Gertraud Stadler and Urte Scholz, the importance of social regulation in health behavior change will be highlighted: Stadler will focus on companionship and Scholz on social control. An integrative discussion by Ralf Schwarzer will complement the symposium.

Frameworks for developing, evaluating, and implementing interventions promoting healthy diet and physical activity

[Speaker] Luszczynska, Aleksandra:1
1:SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities (Poland)

Using theory to increase understanding of the non-initiation of subsidized HIV-treatment: the interplay of motivational and volitional processes.

[Speaker] De Wit, John B:1,2
[Co-author] Mao, Limin:2, Adam, Philippe:2, Cogle, Aron:3, Slavin, Sean:4, Post, Jeffrey:4,5, Wright, Edwina:6, Kidd, Michael:7
1:Department of Social Sciences, Utrecht University (Netherlands), 2:Centre for Social Research in Health, UNSW Australia (Australia), 3:National Association of People with HIV Australia (Australia), 4:Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (Australia), 5:Prince of Wales Hospital and Clinical School, UNSW Australia (Australia), 6:The Alfred Hospital and Monash University (Australia), 7:Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Flinders University (Australia)

Health Behavior Change From a Dyadic Perspective: Theory and Findings From Two Daily Dyadic Studies

[Speaker] Stadler, Gertraud Turu:1
[Co-author] Matthew, Riccio:1, Janina, Luescher:2, Sibylle, Ochsner:2, Nina, Knoll:3, Rainer, Hornung:2, Urte, Scholz:2
1:University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK; Columbia University, USA (United Kingdom), 2:University of Zurich (Switzerland), 3:Freie Universitaet Berlin (Germany)

Effects of social control on smoking, affect and behavioral outcomes in the context of smoking cessation: Results from two daily diary studies

[Speaker] Scholz, Urte:1
[Co-author] Stadler, Gertraud:2, Luescher, Janina:1, Ochsner, Sibylle:1, Hornung, Rainer:1, Knoll, Nina:3
1:University of Zurich (Switzerland), 2:University of Aberdeen (United Kingdom), 3:Freie Universitaet Berlin (Germany)

[Discussant] Schwarzer, Ralf:1
1:Freie University Berlin (Germany)

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