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The symposium is pertaining to the natural disasters (e.g., tsunami and earthquake in Indonesia, volcano eruption in Indonesia and Iran), which offers some insight in coping and surviving strategies for the affected people in those regions. Two long-term status-analyses will show the roles of protective and risk factors in recovering the aftermath of the 2006 earthquake on Java. Witruk et al. investigated coping strategies, belief in a just world, and the attribution of the experienced disaster, while Akbar studied posttraumatic growth, social support, spirituality, and coping for affected and non- affected adults. Two intervention studies (i.e., mediator training) will be introduced applying psycho-social intervention for affected children after the tsunami 2004 in Matara (Sri-Lanka: Senarath), and for adult survivors of the volcano eruption on Java (Indonesia: Qurotul). A program for the mental preparation to a disaster for the citizens of the region Teheran will be introduced by Khanheh and Roudini.
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