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Time perspective is one of important variables, which refers to the integration of the past, present, and future in an individual's psychological life space. Most influential theory is the Future Time Perspective (FTP) theory (Lens et al., 2012), which defines the concept of FTP as a cognitive-motivational construct. As the theory has been argued mainly in the educational settings, this symposium strengthens the body of the theory in application into the field of developmental research, based on the longitudinal studies and expanding the perspective of the theory towards the past in in western and non-western contexts.
Another organizer is Paula Paixão, Portugal; Speakers are Dora Herrera, Peru: Future orientation, academic success and well-being; Ineke Van der Veen, The Netherlands: TPs on school and professional career of students; Jaap Schuitema, The Netherlands: TPs in students and parents; Ryo Ishii, Japan: TP and identity; Toshiaki Shirai, Japan: TPs in adulthood.
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