Surabaya: An Elderly-Friendly City

[Speaker] Pudjibudojo, Jatie K:1
[Co-author] ., Setiasih:1, Wahyuningsih, Sri:1, Sugoto, Srisiuni:1, Raharjo, T B:2
1:University of Surabaya (Indonesia), 2:Centre for Ageing Study University of Indonesia (Indonesia)

Happiness Among Selected Filipino Elderly: A Consensual Qualitative Research

[Speaker] Diego, Arnel A:1
[Co-author] Dela Cerna, Lyle C:2, Camacho, Edmongino J:3, Delariarte, Clarissa F:2,4
1:National University (Philippines), 2:Far Eastern University (Philippines), 3:Jose Rizal Univeristy (Philippines), 4:Saint Paul University (Philippines)

Loneliness and Perceived Social Support: A Comparative Study between Chinese Bereaved Parents of Only-Child and Solitary Childless Elders

[Speaker] Liu, Zhi-han:1
1:Central South University (China (People's Republic of China))

The effects of attitude toward aging on social participation and physical activity in the future: 15 years longitudinal study of Japanese elders

[Speaker] Takeuchi, Masumi:1
1:Teikyo University (Japan)

Do Attitudes toward Aging and Cancer Predict Quality of Life Differently for Middle- and Old-age Breast Cancer Survivors?

[Speaker] Li, Yun-jhih:1
[Co-author] Huang, Yi-ci:1, Lin, Tung:1, Wu, Chih-hsun:1,2, Chen, Sue-huei:2
1:National Chengchi University (Taiwan), 2:National Taiwan University (Taiwan)

National Identity And Anti-Immigrant Attitudes: The Case Of Russia

[Speaker] Grigoryan, Lusine K:1
1:Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences (Germany)

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