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As a wide range of physical, psychological, social, and spiritual changes have been systematically studied following trauma, posttraumatic growth (PTG) and resilience have attracted considerable attention in the field of psychology, medicine, education, and other health-related disciplines. It is important to discuss what we know so far about the culturally-constant and culturally-specific aspects of PTG and resilience, and how we can improve our research to be more culturally sensitive and applicable. The current symposium presents the findings from four different cultures. First, findings about PTG among cancer survivors in Hong Kong will be presented. Second, the relationships between PTG and psychopathology studied in a Turkish sample will be presented. Third, the focus is on the resilience and PTG experienced by March 11th survivors in Japan and September 11th survivors in the US. Finally, issues of PTG assessment, along with its relationships with personality and resilience will be discussed.
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