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Jaan Valsiner (Denmark) and Giuseppina Marsico (Italy)

This symposium will unveil the "Yokohama Manifesto"-- Valsiner, J., Marsico,G., Chaudhary, N, Sato, T and Dazzani, V (Eds.) (2016). Psychology as a science of human being: the Yokohama Manifesto. New York: Springer. Psychology needs to use the higher psychological functions of willful actions as its starting data. The human psyche in all of its complexity is the primary object of investigation for psychological science. Cultural psychology in its multitude of forms introduces a new alternative to the study of behavior or cognition, by looking at normativity and narrative dialogicality of higher psychological functions in multiple forms and arenas of human activities. The human psyche is goals-oriented, operates on the boundary between past and future, and unites personal and social sides of its development through various aspects of culture (sign mediation, social representation, affective synthesis). Methodological innovations in psychology's research practices are coming.

Importance of history of psychology: From Ganzheit to new theoretical horizons

[Speaker] Wagoner, Brady:1
[Co-author] Klempe, Hroar:2, Lehmann-muriithi, Kolja:3, Salvatore, Sergio:4
1:Aalborg University (Denmark), 2:NTNU (Norway), 3:University of Hamburg (Germany), 4:University of Salento (Italy)

Unity of the real and the non-real: Imagination in action and talk

[Speaker] Tateo, Luca:1
[Co-author] Tanggaard Pedersen, Lene:1
1:Aalborg University (Denmark)

Understanding Human Being Within the Framework of William Stern's Critical Personalism: Teleology, Holism, and Valuation

[Speaker] Lehmann-muriithi, Kolja:1
[Co-author] De Resende Damas Cardoso, Carolina:2, Lamiell, James T:3
1:none (Germany), 2:Faculdade de Medicina de Ribeirão Preto, University of São Paulo (Brazil), 3:Georgetown University (United States of America)

Psychology and art: Conceptual and methodological intersections

[Speaker] Lehmann O., Olga V:1
[Co-author] Glaveanu, Vlad:2, Brinkmann, Svend:2, Freeman, Mark:3
1:Norwegian University of Science and Technology NTNU (Norway), 2:Aalborg University (Denmark), 3:College of the Holy Cross (United States of America)

Values in action: Development over life course

[Speaker] Komatsu, Koji:1
[Co-author] Tapia- Villanueva, Luis:2, Molina, Maria Elisa:2
1:Osaka Kyoiku University (Japan), 2:Universidad de Desarrollo (Chile)

[Discussant] Sato, Tatsuya:1
1:Ritsumeikan University (Japan)

[Discussant] Carriere, Kevin R:1
1:Georgetown University (United States of America)

[Discussant] Eckerdal, Rebekka M:1
1:Aalborg University (Denmark)

[Discussant] I. Nedergaard, Jensine:1
1:Center for Cultural Psychology. Aalborg University, Denmark (Denmark)

[Discussant] Omi, Yasuhiro:1
1:University of Yamanashi (Japan)

[Discussant] I. Nedergaard, Jensine:1
1:Center for Cultural Psychology. Aalborg University, Denmark (Denmark)

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