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The relationships and experiences that children have with their immediate environment determine their later development. Specifically, interactions in proximal social contexts such as the family, childcare, and the peergroup in school may be crucial in shaping a variety of social-emotional and behavioral developments. Therefore it is important to assess the interactions that children experience with their immediate environment and moreover, to improve them by means of intervention programs when needed.
This symposium features the examination of intervention programs that are widely implemented in different contexts, in which children of different ages develop: family, early center based child care, and the peergroup in school. The presentations will focus on moderating and mediating factors of intervention programs: KiVa anti-bullying program by Christina Salmivalli; Incredible Years, parenting program by Geertjan Overbeek; Comet, Incredible Years and Cope, parenting programs by Tatiana Trifan; and CIP Training, video-feedback program for caregivers in childcare by Katrien Helmerhorst.
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