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While creativity is often understood as an individual quality or process, this symposium will expand this focus. In doing so, it will consider recent advances in both the cross-cultural and socio-cultural study of creativity. Both these theoretical orientations consider cultural variations in creative expression but they tend to differ in envisioning culture as either 'external' or 'internal' to the creative person. This symposium includes presentations focused on interdisciplinary and intercultural interactions at a creativity summer school, cross-cultural differences in creative perception and production, cross-cultural comparisons of creativity in advertising, and elaborations of the distributed and socio-material models of creativity. The similarities and differences between cross-cultural and socio-cultural approaches will be unpacked, as well as their conceptual and methodological consequences. Our overarching aim is to simulate dialogue and focus on the complementarity of different perspectives as part of a concerted effort - putting 'culture' on the agenda of creativity researchers worldwide.
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