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Although scholars agree that fatherhood is a social and cultural construct, most studies on the determinants of father involvement have an Anglo-American focus. To what extent these results transfer to countries with different legal, cultural, and policy contexts is still unknown. Furthermore, most studies focus on white, resident, heterosexual fathers. Less is known, especially outside the US and UK, about the determinants of father involvement for fathers who deviate from this standard.
The proposed symposium provides a comprehensive understanding of the determinants of father involvement across geographic locations and father types. Setsuya Fukuda focuses on the determinants of highly involved Japanese fathers, whereas Tawanda Makusha and Linda Richter focus on the involvement of non-resident Black fathers in South Africa. Loes van Gelderen and colleagues scrutinize the determinants of Dutch gay men's intentions to become fathers and Renske Keizer investigates the impact of men's attitudes on father involvement in the Netherlands.
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