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There is shift in understanding about LGBTI, addressing their psychological issues and services that are provided. The developing countries are witnessing challenges which are different from the western context. The current symposium is a comprehensive view of LGBTI related researches coming from Asian countries which open up the perspective of LGBTI individuals to the public perspectives towards the LGBTI. Topics include: Public Attitudes Toward LGBT Issues in Contexts of Schools, Workplace and Cyberspace in China (David Shen, MS); Mental Health of LGBT People and "Conversion Therapy" Situation in China (Ying Xin, MPA); Updates on LGBT Mainstreaming in Psychology in the Philippines (Eric Julian Manalastas, MS); Beyond HIV counseling and testing: LGBT-targeted counseling and health services in Bangkok, Thailand (Timo T. Ojanen); Aspects impeding affirmative practices and comparison of multi-dimensional gender consciousness of transgenders in India (Seemanthini T.S., PhD).
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