≪Organizer Abstract≫
Given that PTA is a forum for parents and teachers to cooperate, PTA has significant influence over children's development. Therefore, PTA has significance to be affirmatively addressed as an educational theme. Recently, however, Japanese media have been reporting various PTA-associated issues such as mandatory enrollment, compelling assignment of directors or committee members, excessive burden of PTA service, and relation between parents and teachers. It is not exaggerated to say PTA problems are now becoming social problems. This symposium aims to understand these issues as microcosms of socio-cultural structure." Specifically, panel members will give presentations on PTA in the US, UK, and Japan, all democratic countries. Comparing and studying the state of PTAs in these countries should help view and understand PTA as microcosm of socio-cultural structure so emerging issues can be studied from socio-cultural viewpoints.
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