Wanna Talk? Report from the special counseling service on gender and sexuality at International Christian University, Japan

[Speaker] Takada, Yoshimi:1
1:International Christian University (Japan)

International Christian University (ICU), a small liberal arts university, is currently the only university in Japan that offers a gender/sexuality academic major. The Center for Gender Studies at ICU started the special counseling service for issues around gender/sexuality in 2013. The service publishes a handout clearly stating counselor's qualifications regarding these issues and calls for students to bring any concerns about gender/sexuality, including discrimination and harassment, coming out and associated issues, sexual health, pregnancy, birth and childcare issues, and issues regarding femininity and masculinity. The service has provided 131 sessions to 50 clients on campus, including 26 LGBTIQ identified students, over the past two years. This presentation will focus on the provision of these services, as well as provide comparison and discussion of statistics from the ICU regular university counseling service, in arguing that affirmative counseling practices with student LGBTIQ clients are effective and meet their emerging needs.
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