IAAP Invited Symposium

Identifying Psychological Barriers and Facilitators Specific to Stages in the Decision-making Process for Home Energy Upgrades

[Speaker] Klöckner, Christian A:1
1:Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway)

Based on a representative survey of 3,787 Norwegian households conducted in 2015, a psychological model of determinants of including energy efficiency upgrades (e.g., insulation of the outer walls, roof or basement; changing the windows to more efficient ones) in a rehabilitation project of privately owned buildings is developed. The model shows that the effect of most structural determinants (e.g., the personal economy, building regulations) on intentions to upgrade are mediated by the psychological constructs. Values and norms are of relatively high importance for the intention to include energy upgrades. In a second step of the project, a stage-based decision model was used to identify people in different stages of decision making. Specific barriers and facilitators for each specific stage progression were identified. Results show that many barriers and facilitators were relevant in very specific stages and interventions should be tailored to the stage people are in to be most effective.
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