IAAP Invited Symposium

The effect of value-congruent information to encourage sustainable food choices.

[Speaker] Abrahamse, Wokje:1
[Co-author] Graham, Thomas:1
1:Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand)

This study examined the effectiveness of providing information about the environmental impacts of meat consumption in increasing levels of concern about this issue and intentions to reduce meat consumption. This study also examined whether the information's effectiveness depended on people's values. The results of our study indicate that compared to a no-information control group, participants who received information about environmental impacts of eating meat had significantly higher levels of concern about this issue and stronger intentions to reduce their meat consumption. We also found that the effectiveness of information was influenced by whether it was targeted at people's self-enhancement and self-transcendence values. The results have implications for environmental campaigns, as they highlight that a campaign's effectiveness may depend on people's values.
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