July 29, 2016 12:20 - 13:50

Brief psychological intervention decreases alcohol use on inpatients injured in drink-driving accidents

[Speaker] Navas, Juan F:1
[Co-author] Martín- Pérez, Cristina:1, Cordovilla, Sergio:2, Portillo, Mónica:3, Fernández- Mondéjar, Enrique:2, Verdejo- García, Antonio:4, Vilar- López, Raquel:1
1:University of Granada (Spain), 2:Complejo Hospitalario Universitario de Granada (Spain), 3:Hospital Universitario de la Ribera. Alzira. Valencia (Spain), 4:Monash University (Australia)

Introduction:People who have experienced alcohol-related accidents show high recidivism rates, highlighting the importance of secondary prevention.
Objective:To study the effectiveness of brief psychological intervention for reducing alcohol use in inpatients with alcohol-related accidents (IAlc).
Methods:Nineteen IAlc and 20 inpatients with non alcohol-related accidents (InAlc) were assessed in clinical and personality variables. Additionally, IAlc received feedback of toxicological analysis and were confronted by a psychologist with the linkage between drinking and their accidents. One month follow-up was undertaken to explore alcohol use.
Results:There was a main effect of interaction pre/post assessment and treatment [F (1,37) = 4.234; p = 0.048] in the reduction of alcohol consumption, with IAlc showing a greater reduction. Other clinical variables, including health damage due to the accident, showed no pre/post differences between groups.
Conclusions:Feedback of toxic analysis results accompanied by empathetic confrontation, could produce positive reactivity in short-term alcohol use in inpatients with alcohol-related accidents.
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