July 29, 2016 12:20 - 13:50

Linking HRM to Performance: A process-approach

[Speaker] Cunha, Rita:1
[Co-author] Gomes, Jorge F:2, Coelho, Joaquim P:3, Correia, Anabela G:4
1:Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal), 2:Lisbon School of Economics and Management (Portugal), 3:Universidade Lusíada (Portugal), 4:Instituto Politecnico de Setubal (Portugal)

The human resource management (HRM) field has recently witnessed the emergence of a perspective that assumes that performance is the result as much of the content of the messages conveyed by the HRM system, as of the way such messages are communicated to employees. This is currently known as the HRM process view, which is captured by the HRM strength concept.
The current research tests the relevance of such approach, by using 349 responses collected in a large hotel network. Following a comprehensive literature review, the model included the following variables: HRM strength, leadership, climate, climate strength, and performance. Three results are worth mentioning: 1) HRM strength is best represented by one of its dimensions (distinctiveness), 2) HRM strength is a mediator between leadership and performance; and 3) climate mediates the impact of HRM strength on performance. The paper ends with important implications for the theory and practice of HRM.
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