The emotional link: Developing a theoretical map of emotional contagion processes across multiple organizational levels

[Speaker] Tee, Eugene Y.j.:1
1:Department of Psychology, HELP University (Malaysia)

Emotional contagion processes influence a wide range of organizational and leadership outcomes. In this session, I review emotional contagion research across multiple levels of analysis and explain how this process can be managed by leaders. I first discuss the neurological processes that give rise to implicit and explicit forms of emotional contagion, and then review empirical evidence on how emotional contagion processes impact leadership outcomes at the interpersonal, group and organizational levels. I then propose a model linking emotional contagion processes across these levels. This multi-level model serves three aims: (1) highlight how emotional contagion underpins much of leader-follower interactions, (2) extend on conceptualizations of emotional contagion in leadership interactions beyond the interpersonal level, and (3) illustrate how the process can be managed to influence group and organizational outcomes. Ultimately, emotional contagion processes are implicated as 'emotional links' across multiple levels in organizations and organizational leadership.
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