Rapid Communication

Legal Unconsciousness as a Factor of Extremist Attempts

[Speaker] Duisenbekov, Davlet D:1
[Co-author] Baimoldina, Laura O:1, Boltayeva, Aliyia M:1, Sadykova, Nazira M:1, Zholdassova, Manzura K:1, Akhmettaeva, Svet S:2, Turmanova, Zhanagul E:2, Nuradinov, Almat S:3, Kabakova, Maira P:1, Abreleva, Maira M:4
1:al-Farabi Kazakh National University (Kazakhstan), 2:KazGUU University (Kazakhstan), 3:L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University (Kazakhstan), 4:JS Company of System Research "Factor" (Astana city) (Kazakhstan)

A research is connected with an issue of increasing of extremist intentions among repartee youth up to spreading of religious sub-consciousness throughout Central Asia. Empirical research conducted with younth samples clarified an existence of needs and intentions of extremist orientation coincided with the sphere of unconscious activity. It turns to be obvious that a lack of legal mentality that should has been bred throughout childhood and early youth provokes severe changes aftermath up till adultness. Standard SPSS survey revealed certain correlation disorders between repartees' expectances and reality they faced in fact. Consequence of that is a range of psychoanalytical phenomena - from ethnical-social irritation up to conscious decisions to stand against state regulations. The reliability range of measured statistical links shows rather stable connections between scores of legal self-consciousness before deciding to migrate and after including into new social-cultural surrounding. A notion of "subconscious acculturation" is being approved and stated.
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