Rapid Communication

Non-traditional Clinical Practice in School Settings: Narratives of Taiwanese Counseling Psychologists Work Experiences in Remote Areas

[Speaker] Yu, Yian:1
[Co-author] Chiang, Chao-mei:2
1:National Taipei University (Taiwan), 2:University of British Columbia (Canada)

The profession of counseling psychology in Taiwan has developed over 50 years and the licensure system was established in 2003. Currently, traditional career trajectory of counseling psychologists in Taiwan is to work in university counseling centers or to own private practice after receiving licensure.The study aimed to investigate the experience of Taiwanese psychologists, who choose a non-tradition career path and work in elementary and middle schools located in remote areas, such as the mountainous, coastal, and outlying islands.Qualitative research method was employed in the study and semi-structured interviews were conducted with data collection. Specifically, the narrative inquiry was employed for data analysis. Eight Taiwanese psychologists participated in this study. The results demonstrated specific professional competencies of working in the remote areas where were the lack of resources, their overall work experiences, and their philosophy of counseling career. The implications of the results for education in counseling psychology will be presented.
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