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Facilitator Training for the Family Groups for Those who have Schizophrenia, Depression or Withdrawn People as their Family Members

[Speaker] Takahashi, Noriko:1
1:Fukushima Medical University (Japan)

The questionnaire survey was conducted to the 26 health centers in the city which organized family groups for those who had schizophrenia, depression or withdrawn people in their families. The aim of the survey was to identify what kind of problems and difficult situations the health centers had when they offered group activities. Based on the result, a one-day interactive training was offered. It was confirmed that in addition to the traditional group facilitation knowledge, a forum was needed to discuss the role of the family groups sponsored by the public organizations, and to check the discrepancy between the policy of the local government and the needs of the participants. It was also shown that the exchange of the opinions between the staffs with different years of experience in the same area and the opportunities of case studies would reduce the anxiety of the staffs.
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