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Implicit measurement of the relationship between multi-identity and metal healthy for ethnic minorities in China: Xinjiang students

[Speaker] Li, Ming:1
1:SUN YAT-SEN UNIVERSITY (China (People's Republic of China))

The multi-identity theory proposed by Piney (1992) pointed out that there were multiple identities which included ethnic identity, national identity and the identification of the other groups. The xinjiang students are facing problems in their multi-identity when they move to other city, because they have different religion, beliefs, language, and appearance. The multiple identity problems will aggravate xinjiang students' cognitive loading, affect their mental health and trigger a series of adaptation problems. Prior research used questionnaire to measure the ethnic identity level which would be easily influenced by expectations and response set also they did not study the relationship between multiple identity and metal health. Therefore this research tries to explore the relationship between the multi-identity and mental health for minority students by using the socialgram task in addition to questionnaire. The result showed that there are significantly positive relationship between xinjiang students' multi-identity and their mental health statements.
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