Rapid Communication

Mirror visual feedback with movable mirror makes an illusory feeling of the hand movement.

[Speaker] Ishihara, Yuki:1
[Co-author] Kodaka, Kenri:1
1:Nagoya City University (Japan)

Mirror visual feedback (MVF) induces a sense of owning the hand reflected on the surface of the mirror at somewhere over the surface, which was originally proposed as a therapy to relieve amputee phantom limb pain. It is well known that where the mirror is located critically affects a sense of location of the illusory hand. Accordingly, in theory the physical movement of the mirror is capable of inducing a sense of moving hand, which has not been examined in any detail. In this study, we made an experimental box where the mirror moves horizontally with the assistance of a linear actuator. A series of the experiments has verified the movement of the mirror robustly makes an illusory sense of the moving hand. In addition, we discuss what factor influences the subjective strength of the hand moving illusion.
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