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Does hyperbaric exposure affect mental spatial transformation ability?: An examination using two kinds of mental body rotation tasks.

[Speaker] Kageyama, Nozomu:1
1:Undersea Medical Center, JMSDF (Japan)

In principal, two types of mental transformation can be distinguished: object-based transformation is imaged movements of objects and perspective-based transformation is imaged movements from one's point of view. It has been reported that the objects-based transformation ability is not impaired under hyperbaric environment. In contrast, the ability for perspective-based transformation has not been investigated. This study investigated the effects on mental spatial transformation of hyperbaric exposure using two kinds of mental body rotation tasks (MBRT) differing in the type of judgment (same-different and left-right). These tasks were carried out through a simulated 31 atmosphere absolute (ATA) saturation dive. Six professional divers served as participants. The RT and correct rates for both tasks were not changed throughout the dive. These results indicated that hyperbaric exposure did not affect performance in the MBRT with both judgments. Therefore, we suggest that the spatial cognition is not impaired by hyperbaric exposure.
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