Examining the role of religious environment and viewing pornography in forming sexual attitude and myths in male adults: An empirical study

[Speaker] Jain, Gagan:1
1:University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India (India)

The present study tries to examine the role of environment, degree of exposure to pornography and the interaction between the two in shaping adults attitude towards sexual permissiveness and development of myths towards sexuality by using the standardized questionnaire tools. For the purpose of study two groups ( n=50 each) of male adults consisted of religious and nonreligious background were taken, which again further divided on the basis of their degree of exposure towards pornography. The result indicated that adults from non-religious background and adults having higher degree of exposure towards pornography scored higher on attitude scale of sexual permissiveness. On the other hand adults from religious background scored higher on sex myth scale than their non-religious counterparts. But there was no significant difference found on the other factor. There was also a significant difference at .01 level on both the scales when the two factors interacted.
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